Improved access, reduced wait times and increased timeliness of care for VA surgical facilities

Need to streamline surgical processes from patient arrival through discharge, and every point in-between? With a long history providing solutions for optimizing VA healthcare operations, Bio-Optronics is pleased to announce the new Biopoint Surgery Manager.

Leveraging the power of the Biopoint Surgery Manager application, VA surgical teams can:

  • Track patient status from admissions to discharge
  • Start more surgeries on time while reducing wait times
  • Optimize schedules and resource utilization
  • Increase patient throughput while maintaining quality

This indispensable tool from Bio-Optronics benefits more than just the VA surgery teams. The precision timing, real-time tracking, and oversight of resource allocation also provides veterans with faster care, and a better overall experience.

Commitment to the long-term success of VA, and our continuing collaboration with VA leadership and technology partners ensures that benefits provided today will continue evolving, and seamlessly extend into the future electronic health records environment.

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