3 New Ways Technology & Social Media Influencers are Changing Patient Recruitment and How Your Site Can Take Advantage of These Trends

As we start a new decade, it is safe to say that the use of social media and technology to inform people about clinical trials has changed significantly over the past 10 years! This interactive webinar will look at some of the newest ways social media and patient influencers are affecting recruitment today in 2020. Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

  • Patient Influencers... how they are the leaders in advocacy and how you can get involved
  • Straight from the patient communities... "Here is what would help me participate."
  • Trending technology for sites which is reducing no show rates by 300%!
  • Patients need health records?... Here is how to help them
  • Changes to the Google Search algorithm and what you can do about

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Jerome Chiaro

Matt Miller