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Benefits of CCeSource

CCeSource is a complete electronic source data system that enables study workflows to easily capture source data in real-time, enhancing data quality, improving collaboration, reducing costs and optimizing site operations.

simplifies data capture

Reduces Data Capture Time

Digitally collects source data
Simplifies data entry
Minimizes double-data entry
increased data quality

Increases Source Data Quality

Minimizes manual data entry
Provides built-in edit checks and QA workflows
Reduces protocol violations
Minimizes transcription errors

Minimizes Monitoring Visits

Improves site/sponsor relations
Empowers remote access and monitoring of data
Increases quality of shared data

Reduces Payment Cycle Time

Allows for faster payments
Speeds up source data verification
Increases data accuracy

Enables Real-time Query Resolution

Provides efficient digital capture
Allows access from mobile devices
Empowers remote monitoring


Enhances Study Financial Performance

Reduces study billing cycles 
Minimizes transcription errors
Allows remote post-visit tasks