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Increase site revenue with virtual visit completion

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Benefits of CCVideo

CCVideo is a patient-centric meeting tool designed to increase site revenue
by allowing sites to complete study visits virtually.


Increases site revenue

Allows for increase visit completion by enabling remote video visits
CTMS integration eliminates multi-system visit data entry costs

Enables virtual visit completion

Delivers secure video conferencing made for remote study workflows
Provides easy screen capture and screensharing
Enhances patient experience

Simplifies video calls

No app download, plug-in, or installation required for sessions
Provides video call access by sending a simple text message or email
On-demand or pre-schedule calls with up to 4 participants



Expands recruitment & enrolled patient reach

Connects with study recruitment prospects outside of your immediate area
Increases safety by conducting first office visits remotely
Reduces "drop-outs" with higher frequency contact with participants