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eRegulatory document management for audit readiness and compliance.

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Benefits of CCeReg

CCeReg is a comprehensive 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic regulatory document management solution that helps research organizations ensure regulatory compliance, eliminate the cost and inefficiency of paper binders and maintain audit readiness.  


Stay Compliant

Be organized, current and audit-ready
Ensure timely eSignatures from any location
Automatically monitor credentialing and licensure


Avoid Study Deviations

Automate deadline notifications
Stay on schedule with remote PI eSignatures
Automate version control


Negotiate Better

Optimize study startup metrics and reports
Share regulatory documents with reviewers easily
Provide remote monitoring for sponsors


Accelerate Startup Time

Automate status, deadline and alert notifications
Minimize interruptions with workflow imbedded eSignatures
Track milestones and expiration dates


Decrease Staff Workload

Stay organized with transparent workflows
Maximize team effectiveness with standardized processes
Avoid mistakes with current version tracking


Eliminate Paper Binder Costs

Eliminate storage and retrieval costs
Turn binder supply costs into a distant memory
Increase efficiency while reducing labor costs