Essentials of the Research Marketing Toolkit

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The most successful clinical research programs are managed like a business, yielding optimal financial status and operational efficiencies. Marketing and communications are key in this “business” approach. But marketing takes strategic planning and a clear vision of where you want your program to be. From gaining internal understanding of the role research plays in the health care organization to achieving community awareness that contributes to enhanced image and recruitment, it’s critical to have a multi-pronged approach to clinical research awareness and promotion. 

This webinar will share insights about: 

1.) Escalating marketing and communication efforts with internal audiences 
2.) Promoting research to external audiences 
3.) The impact marketing and communication efforts can have on your research program and organization as a whole 
4.) Marketing and communication ideas including a tool box of examples 
5.) How to begin to strengthen your research program through marketing and communication strategies 
6.) Measuring your marketing efforts for optimal recruitment planning

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